Tent Rentals in the Chicago area

Party Plus Events offers many styles and sizes of tents. Our sizes range from 10x10 to 40x120 and larger. Some styles are DIY, while others are installed by our professional crew. How do you choose the correct tent? Give us a call or see the information below to assist you.

Here are some things to think about to help you determine the best style and size tent for your event:

  • How many guests are invited?
  • Is your event an open house or will people attend the entire party?
  • If there will be a meal, will it be plated or buffet?
  • What activities will take place under the tent? Will space be needed for food, guest seating, dance floor, band, bars, dessert tables, etc.?
  • What type of surface will the tent be placed on, ie: grass, concrete, etc.?
  • What style of tent is best for the event?
  • Pole tents are tension tents; therefore they require staking on all four sides. Make sure you have appropriate ground for staking. They also require center poles. Our Century/pole tents have beautiful, tall peaks that create a WOW factor!
  • Frame tents may be placed on any surface, and are stand-alone tents. Due to the possibility of wind, these tents must be installed with stakes or weighted for safety. They are great on patios and decks.
  • Remember when measuring for tents you need to consider that the tie down straps extend 5ft. out from each side. That means you will need a 30x40 space to accommodate a 20x30 tent.

Click here for our complete tent catalog.

Click here to use our handy Tent Calculator for sizing.

This sample tent layout shows that 60 people can be seated in a 20x30 tent, without allowing for food, bars, etc.

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